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Standardized Culture

Standardized is a craft brewery based in the Evan’s Farm neighborhood in Lewis Center, Ohio. We’re known in our community as a place to gather for conversation, relaxation, fellowship, and of course, great coffee and beer. Whether you’re looking for a fulfilling career, part-time position or a seasonal opportunity, you can be sure you’re joining something great. Our people take pride in what they do, believe in acts of kindness and are anything but pretentious.

Curious if you’d be a good fit for our team? Here’s what you can expect from us and what we would expect from you.

We value integrity 

We are ethical in our decision-making, respectful of others, and exhibit professionalism at all
levels. Simply said, we do what’s right when no one else is looking, and we expect that anyone
associated with Standardized Brewing acts with that same level of responsibility no matter
where you are.

We’re accountable

We accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions, and results; sometimes as a team and
sometimes as individuals. Regardless of our life’s passion, when we’re here, we’re focused and
fully committed.

We love beer and coffee

We love the products that we make. If you work at Standardized Brewing, you have to enjoy the
products as much as we do, have a desire to learn what makes a great drink and show your
excitement when sharing this passion with our customers.

We value people

We see our customers and teammates for who they are. Through social awareness, we create
a personalized experience by respecting the thoughts, feelings and backgrounds of those who
come in our doors.

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